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CSR Zeroing Dates

CSR Zeroing

The CSR League competes throughout the winter months here at Bisley. It is the same as the Service Rifle competitions run by the military, and only differs in the fact that we naturally use UK target civilian firearms.

Finding the time to get your zero at multiple distances leading up to these events has always proved somewhat difficult. However, as of 2022 we have put in to place a format which will permit multiple distances for zeroing on the Friday prior to each league match. The event will be run by the HRA and is open to all CSR members. Please contact for more information.

The following format will be plotted and available:


  • 7th Jan ** 1/200x 3/400x
  • 4th Feb 1/200x 2/300x
  • 4th March ** 1/200x 3/400x
  • 8th April ** 1/200x 3/400x
  • 30th September 1/200x 2/300x
  • 4th November ** 1/200x 3/400x
  • 2nd December ** 1/200x 3/400x

**For those wishing to practice 500x, a separate booking will need to be made. In the first instance, it may be helpful to co-ordinate with Frankie Graham, providing 2 weeks notice on

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