Established in 1998, The National Shooting Centre offers the largest range complex in the world, within a major centre of population.

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Target Markers

Target Markers

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Target Markers are a vital part of our Sport.

In fullbore shooting, a target is mounted on a mechanical frame which is raised and lowered between shooting and scoring. A ‘Marker’ performs this action, and communicates the score achieved via coloured discs that the shooter can see from hundreds of yards away.

You are even able to predict where a hole will appear in the target based on the movement in the sand wall where the bullet strikes!
In between shots being fired, you will be positioned under the Mantlet alongside you fellow Markers.


Please click here for our Bisley Target Marker Policy

Join the National Rifle Association as a Target Marker!

We are offering zero hour contracts – you can apply for work when you want!

Current rate of pay:

Age 22 and under £11.41 p/h

Age 23 and over £11.68 p/h

Supervisors £12.00 p/h


All new markers are required to attend a 3 hour training session, which is typically hosted on a weekend.

This consists of one hour in a classroom, followed by two hours out on the range learning how the targets work, and how you score the target.


We are holding four training sessions at the beginning of March to expand our bank of Target Markers!

For more information, please email

Imperial Meeting Marking

In addition to regular marking requirements throughout the year (which are typically on weekends), our summer festival of shooting requires a cohort of markers for a 3 weeks in July to mark targets for some of the worlds best target shooters!

For the 2024 Imperial Meeting we require markers between 10th – 27th July inclusive.

Additional Information:

  • All markers are offered a free tent pitch – you will need to provide your own tent – so you can stay on site during the event
  • You will be assigned to a Team which you will work with for the duration of the event – so let us know if there are any individuals you would like to work with
  • To ensure no cheating takes place, phones are not allowed to be used whilst in the marking area. Music is normally played through the speaker system, and you can listen to music through headphones as long as you don’t need to access your phone whilst doing so

Imperial Marker Sign-Up:

To sign-up to be a marker at the Imperial Meeting you need to complete the following form and send it to

Once you complete your training you will need to complete an additional form for payroll purposes. You will need your National Insurance number and Passport photo to complete this.

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