Established in 1998, The National Shooting Centre offers the largest range complex in the world, within a major centre of population.

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Target Shooting

Target Shooting

The National Shooting Centre operates rifle and shotgun ranges on the NRA’s world famous Bisley range complex; and provides armoury services, accommodation and hospitality services. Apart from being able to offer a great variety of shooting, Bisley has other advantages. It is the largest range complex in the world within a major centre of population and has few restrictions such as those which now inhibit new ranges being built in populated areas.

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The ranges laid out in 1890/91 are substantially similar to those of today. Stickledown (the long-distance range) was extended from 24 to 40 targets in 1903 (later 50), and the greatest distance was increased from 1100 to 1200 yards in 1910. Century was so named in 1903 when the Great Butt was widened from 90 to 100 targets (now 108). These two very large ranges and the associated danger areas provide a framework for the siting of smaller, specialist ranges, and have proved adaptable for many new types of shooting disciplines which have evolved in the 100 years since they were designed.

Set in 3000 acres of Surrey heathland some 30 miles from Central London, Bisley has the unique combination of the best, most modern, and largest arrangement of shooting facilities in the world combined with colonial-style clubhouses.

Target Shooting Ranges

Explore the target shooting facilities available at the National Shooting Centre.

300m Range

The 300m shed features eight lanes of KME electronic targets from covered with carpetted firing points

Bisley Buffalo Target 51

Buffalo Target Target 51 on Stickledown consists of a 2.4m x 1.7m steel buffalo silhouette, painted white. It is available from 800yds, 900yds and 1,000yds and was installed after consultation with the Single Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Club of Great Britain.

Butt Zero

Butt Zero is a 5m – 75m range gallery range, consisting of 3 bays located on the left hand side of Stickledown range between the 800x and 900x firing points.


The Century Range is a Gallery Range providing a selection of distances (100 – 600yds) across 128 target lanes divided into 10 butts. The electronic targets offer the distinct advantage of immediate feedback without the added cost of a marker.


Featuring three distinct bays, Cheylesmore can cater for both individual and Club bookings. Cheylesmore Bay B also offers evening shooting between 5-9pm. This range complex has both turning and overhead retrievable targets.

Chobham Ridge

An attractive rural range that looks across the danger area towards the main Bisley site. On a clear day, to the South of the range you can see Guildford Cathedral; complemented in the east by incredible views of London and the Wembley Arch Current facilities include a range building with a troop shelter providing a dry haven during inclement weather.

Cottesloe Heath

There are few more beautiful grounds than Cottesloe Heath. Set in a natural woodland setting, this really is a ground like no other, and the perfect place for Clay Pigeon Shooting in Surrey


This extensive 50m gallery range complex features five bays, Bay A containing 7 electronic advancing targets, whilst Bays B-E each offer 10 turning targets. The back of the range benefits from a covered firing point, and wheelchair ramps allowing access between Bays.

Running Boar

Running Boar is a 50m electronically scored moving target range run by the British Sporting Rifle Club, with a fully covered firing point

Running Deer

Running Deer is primarily a moving target range run by the British Sporting Rifle Club, which also provides facilities for turning and static targets from 25m-100m

Short Siberia

Short Siberia features 9 lanes at 200yds, 27 lanes at 100yds, 28 target turners at 50m, and 12 target turners at 25m. This highly flexible range provides facilities for a multitude of firearms including short range pistol, fullbore rifle, shotgun at distances of 5m to 200 yards, and electronic targets on weekends.


The longest range on the Bisley Complex, Stickledown features 50 targets which can be hired at distances from 800 to 1200 yards. Stickledown is also the home of the Bisley Buffalo target. In addition to the 50 manually pulled targets, Stickledown has the capacity to offer electronic targets. 1100x and 1200x are restricted to certain dates of the year.

Time Limit

A tremendously flexible range, Time Limit hosts turning targets, moving targets or two Mini McQueen castles, all from the covered 50m Firing point.


A short walk from the Clays Cafe, Winans features three bays with covered firing points allowing for shooting from 5-25 metres in a range of calibres.

Bay C is also referred to as the Zero Range.

Zero Range

To be used for zeroing before shooting, or if you suspect your zero is inaccurate, or to provide proof of HME check

Shooting for all

Target shooting is a fun and welcoming sport, which is open to people of all ages. Check out some of the pictures of our facilities.

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