Established in 1998, The National Shooting Centre offers the largest range complex in the world, within a major centre of population.

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At 108 targets wide, Century Range is one of the largest single fullbore ranges in the world. It offers a huge diversity of shooting between 100 and 600 yards, featuring both manual and electronic targets.
Electronic Targets
Weekdays Weekends
Kongsberg (Butt 19) 200x Tue & Wed
100x Thu & Fri
Intarso (Butt 14) 600x 600x
Shotmarker 300x (Butt 17) 300x (Butt 18)


The range benefits from parking at 300, 500 and 600 yards, with dedicated disabled access to target 37 at 600 yards. 600 yards additionally features a number of covered troop shelters and a toilet block. There is also a road to the right hand side of lane 108 that permits vehicle access to 200x and 100x, there is limited parking behind and to the side of the 100x firing point.
Type: Gallery Range
Danger area: Limited Danger Area (LDA)
Distance: 100 – 600yds
  • 128 target lanes divided into 10 butts
  • Butts 11 – 19:
    • 12 target lanes per butt
    • Mcqueen Castles are available.
  • 12 Intarso Electronic Targets:
    • Located in Butt 14
  • 6 Kongsberg Electronic Targets
    • Located in Butt 19 (103 – 108)
  • 6 Shotmarker targets
    • Varying locations

The electronic targets offer the distinct advantage of immediate feedback without the added cost of a marker.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee markers or the quality of the marking; the electronic system is the solution. It will offer a quick and reliable reading of fall of shot on the target through a closed (box type) shot detection system.

When making a booking, please choose one of the following options (*range may vary*):
‘*Century* Electronic’ to be for a specific hourly slot. I.e. 08:30 – 10:30
‘*Century* Electronic (Session)’ to be for a whole AM or PM session
Please note, selecting the wrong option may mean you are incorrectly charged

Range Notices

All people should appreciate that it is their responsibility to be aware of and comply with instructions and regulations together with any further instructions that are issued by the Range Office.

Please read the range regulations which can be viewed or downloaded from the website here. A hard copy can be obtained from the range office. Century Range Regulations

Range Information

Opening Times

The Ranges are open every day except for Mondays. Start and end times are signalled by the hooter. The times vary as follows:


Follows Greenwich Mean Time Dates

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.00
(dependent on light)

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.00
(dependent on light)


Follows British Summer Time Dates

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.30

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-17.30

Century 300 yards Carpark
Century 500 yards Carpark
Century 600 yards Carpark
Century Corral Carpark
Hobson’s Way Carpark

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Interactive Map

Find the range on our interactive map.


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  • Danny Lewis

    Bisley is truly the home of British shooting! The ranges are so well kept and the electronic targeting systems are next to none ! An awesome place to shoot with the most professional set up!

    Rating Satisfaction Experience Facilities Value Hospitality
    18/01/2022 at 9:58 pm

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