Established in 1998, The National Shooting Centre offers the largest range complex in the world, within a major centre of population.

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Chobham Ridge

Chobham Ridge

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An attractive rural range that looks across the danger area towards the main Bisley site. On a clear day, to the South of the range you can see Guildford Cathedral; complemented in the east by incredible views of London and the Wembley Arch.
Current facilities include a range building with a troop shelter providing a dry haven during inclement weather. Ablutions consisting of a portaloo and a car park conveniently situated near the firing point.
Please note – Probationary members of the NRA and Affiliated Clubs, including guests, are not permitted to shoot on Chobham Ridge Range
  • 2 Firing points with 2 lanes on each
  • FP1: 18 steel targets of varying size able to be engaged up to a distance of 1000m
  • FP2: 10 steel targets able to be engaged up to 300m
  • Each firing point permits shooting simultaneously at targets within an arc of 500 mils (FP1) and 600 mils (FP2).
  • There is to be an NSC appointed RO for each firing point.


  • Price is inclusive of one experienced NSC RCO. Use of both firing points simultaneously requires approval from the Range Office andis to be notified at the time of the booking, additional RO fees apply.
  • Maximum of 8 shooters overall is permitted when one RO is appointed. With the additional RO as stated above, this may increase to 12 shooters.


  • Range building with a troop shelter providing a dry haven during inclement weather and impressive views.
  • Hospitality room providing shelter, warmth and lighting
  • Shelter to the back of firing point 1
  • Ablutions consist of a portaloo and there is a car park conveniently situated near the firing point.


0830 – Sign in at Bisley Pavilion

0845 – Initial safety brief

0900 – Travel to Chobham Ridge Range

0930 – RO on range safety brief

Firing commences

1230 – Stoppage for Stickledown Marker access/egress

1315 – Stoppage for Stickledown Marker access/egress

1530 Latest Ceasefire

You will be required to travel to the range in your own vehicle, directions will be provided on the day.

For the use of firing point 1, your first shot must prove zero on a shotmarker target at approx. 200x away. Once zero has been proven you will be permitted to progress on to the steel plates under the direction of the NSC instructor, gradually increasing the distance to a maximum of 1000m.

If wishing to hire a firearm for the use of this range, this must be noted at the time of the booking. The NRA appointed RO will ensure they have this firearm available for you on your arrival to the range

Range Notices

All people should appreciate that it is their responsibility to be aware of and comply with instructions and regulations together with any further instructions that are issued by the Range Office.

Please read the range regulations which can be viewed or downloaded from the website here. A hard copy can be obtained

For specific Chobham Ridge range regulations, please click here.

Range Information

Opening Times
Tuesday – Sunday depending on RO availability
Shooting times 0930-1530
Permitted firearms and Ammunition

Max .308

HME firearms are not permitted on this range




Trial offer £525.00 for the range – maximum of 8 shooters


Chobham Ridge


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