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Safety Notice – Clearance to Fire on MOD Ranges

RCO’s are reminded that on an MoD or RFCA range they must follow the procedure in Range Standing Orders to obtain explicit clearance from Range Control before allowing firing to commence. This is a critical safety procedure.

The concept is mirrored in NRA Safety rules, at para 126b: ‘The RO is only to permit live firing when he has satisfied himself and remains satisfied that it is safe and within applicable regulations to do so’.

MoD notified the NRA of a near miss incident on Hythe Serial 1 range in Kent on 16th October.  The club RCO responsible for the range failed to obtain permission to fire before allowing shooting to commence. Hythe Range Control identified that the range had gone live without permission and issued an immediate check fire.  The booking was cancelled and the club was required to leave the range.

An investigation into the conduct of the RCO is underway. The club NRA affiliation has been suspended and future MoD range bookings cancelled.

Failure to obtain permission to fire may place MoD staff and other range users at risk of serious injury or fatality.


Should you require further clarification please contact Nic Couldrey, Regional Ranges Manager, National Rifle Association

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