Established in 1998, The National Shooting Centre offers the largest range complex in the world, within a major centre of population.

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Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting

The National Shooting Centre owns and operates the National Clays Shooting Centre and Bisley Shooting Ground, offering a choice of both formal and sporting clay shooting facilities, respectively. The National Shooting Centre provides shooters with some of the best, and most beautiful, shooting experiences in the United Kingdom.

There are two types of Clay shooting, the Formal Clay Shooting Disciplines and Sporting Clay Shooting. The National Clay Shooting Centre is a Formal Clay range, and Bisley Shooting Ground provides Sporting Clays.

Formal Clay shooting consists of a number of disciplines:

Skeet involves a shooter shooting at targets fired horizontally from a low and high house both as singles and pairs. Each round consists of 25 targets.

Trap shooting has targets fired away from the participant at different angles as well as different heights. The targets are also quicker than Skeet. As with Skeet, a round consists of 25 targets.

Down the line is a great discipline for beginners. A round usually consists of 25 targets, which are fired away from the shooter. The shooter stands behind the firing house, where they will fire at the rising targets which rise at a constant angle. However, the targets are fired randomly across the horizontal plane.

Sporting Clays (simulated game) uses a number of different types of clay targets. Combining different speeds and angles along with the different types and sizes of targets makes the sport very challenging. The targets might be crossing, climbing, incoming, outgoing, quartering away, streaking high overhead, or any combination of the above. Throw in some good topographical features, and you can simulate almost any game bird or field condition.

Clay Shooting Locations

Explore the clay shooting facilities available at the National Shooting Centre.

National Clay Shooting Centre

NCSC was built for the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and is a world-class shooting complex. The instantly recognisable skyline of white canopies cover a line of superb shooting layouts, equipped with over 90 clay release machines catering for shooters of all abilities. They include computer controlled scoring, trap sequencing, acoustic release, and two training layouts. Regular competitions such as CPSA Registered shoots, BICTSF Selection shoots, and NCSC club competitions are held throughout the year. Practice is also available on the layouts subject to availability and shooting lessons can be booked for all disciplines.

Bisley Shooting Ground

Our Victorian Clubhouse steeped in tradition and our Cottesloe Heath ground home to the famous Grouse Butts, High Tower and Crane, this really is one of the most beautiful Sporting Clay Shooting schools in the country. Our Cottesloe Heath ground boasts an impressive 76 traps featured over 30 stands that will test and delight you. Contact the team today to book a shoot or lesson.

Clay Shooting for all

Clay shooting is a fun and welcoming sport, which is open to people of all ages. Check out some of the pictures of our facilities.

Ask about Clay Shooting

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