Established in 1998, The National Shooting Centre offers the largest range complex in the world, within a major centre of population.

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Storage Rates

Storage Rates

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Firearms, Ammunition, Temporary, Competition and Non-NRA Members Storage.

Storage Hire Information

Firearms Storage

Member Only Rates from 2023

  Annual Monthly
Rifle & Shotgun £103.00 £15.50
Pistols (S1) £54.00 £8.50
Heritage Pistols 6 months
1-3 Pistols £36.00 per pistol £22.00 per pistol
4-6 Pistols £32.00 per pistol £20.00 per pistol
7+ Pistols £29.00 per pistol £17.50 per pistol

All firearm storage drop offs are appointment based. Please email the Armoury to book an appointment at

Rifles/Shotguns may not be stored in cases or large rifle bags.


Section 5/7.1/7.3 Firearms

For storage starting in months 1 to 6, 12 month fee will be charged for heritage pistols, for months 7-12, 6 month fee will be charged

Appointments are to be made 7 days in advance for Section 5/7.1/7.3 firearms

Ammo Storage
Ammunition Annual Monthly
A-Cell Bay £245.50 N.A
Small Box £57.00 £7.00
Temporary & Competition Storage

Daily and Weekend competition- £14.00 inclusive of ammo. (“Weekend” is defined as Friday-Monday.)

Imperial- £43.00, entire competition, no kit bag.

Extra Rates

Temporary Rates for NON NRA Members:

Double the cost plus VAT at 20%

No annual storage available for non-members.

RFD Transfer: £34.00

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